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Mission: ULI is a grassroots change agency that exists to establish a sphere of support by providing basic needs assistance, job placement, and increase personal intelligences through our Inspiration Academy: School of Dreams as a way to create opportunities for parents.


Vision: To be a point of contact through which parents may be strengthened, as we provide access to education, support groups and resources that create stability for child rearing.



Through community partnerships we can achieve our ultimate goal which is to positively 'IMPACT' the Parent Community.











As an agency of change our mission is to offer resources that add to parents and the overall betterment of families. We offer support resources of the following,



- Basic needs: Supplemental Food (must be registered and obtained the second Saturday after UTTY Class)


- Mentoring: New parents, teens, and we give you the opportunity to mentor teens in military academy

(background check required)


- Counseling: Referral resources


- Leadership training: Inspiration Academy - Leaders Launch Pad; Training emerging leaders!


- Personal Development: Inspiration Academy - Unearthing the True You; Revealing the significance of your unique expression!







Urban Liaison Inc. is a faith based non for profit, agency of change, founded specifically to support and empower the parent community.


Gifts, donations, and volunteer work are solely for the support and betterment of parents. 


90 % of the donations and proceeds from fundraisers and community events go to families and their empowerment.


We appreciate all donations, contributions, and support from individuals, our community partners and local businesses.








Urban Liaison Inc. reserves the right to refuse or cancel service that is meant to be offensive, degrading, discouraging or unwelcomed.  

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